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  • We send our certified inspectors to your property to inspect the property in detail, by following the most current mold assessment processes and also carrying out air and sample testing, of the given property.

  • Our team of inspectors will take air samples to test for mold in the air; they will also swab surfaces in order to detect & type the mold on them. Thereafter our team of mold inspectors will also check for moisture issues which lead to mold growth and take moisture levels throughout the premises.

  • We send the mold specimens for further testing in a certified lab to determine the extent & type of the molds found. For outdoor inspections, we use particle counters to find out the level of negative particles that are found indoor and compare it with the ones found outside.

  • We go a step further by using infrared cameras, in conjunction with moisture readers, to locate moisture behind walls, floors and ceilings you can’t see which is also likely areas mold is growing, in the hidden regions of your home or office.